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My Story

I began my career in the music industry. I was living in Houston, TX, obsessed with music and gigs but with little knowledge of the machine behind the art. All I knew was that I had to go to London to be a part of it. Fast forward and I have been an International Marketing, Artist, and Label Manager for ten years in the industry.

I tended to lean towards the analytical, data-driven solutions in my work. The topic of data was growing both in business and current events alongside my interest in it. Finally, a career in data became something I would either always think about doing or actually do.

So here I am in 2022, changing my career and becoming a data scientist. On this page I will share my personal projects as well as commissioned work where permissible. I will also share other topics of interest because, after all, I am a whole human with several interests.

Thank you for being here.

Photography Credit: To Be Wanderlust Creative

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